Breaking Battlegrounds
Breaking Battlegrounds
Insights and Predictions into the Iowa Caucus with David Catanese

Insights and Predictions into the Iowa Caucus with David Catanese


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Join Chuck Warren and Sam Stone on this episode of Breaking Battlegrounds as they dive deep into the dynamics of the upcoming political battles with

, host of the "Too Close to Call" podcast. With David's expert analysis and unique perspectives, the episode provides an in-depth analysis of how the Iowa caucus could significantly influence the trajectories of major political contenders. Don't miss this deep dive into the key aspects and potential outcomes of the Iowa caucus. And be sure to stay tuned for Kiley’s Corner as we explore two chilling cases: the discovery of three bodies on Tuesday night in a Kansas City backyard and the shocking unearthing of over 215 bodies found buried behind a jail in Jackson, Mississippi.

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is the host of Too Close Too Call podcast. He is a Washington-based political writer ready to feed your political appetite but also challenge you on some of life's larger quandaries. He has written for McClatchy, The Atlantic, U.S. News & World Report & Politico.

Breaking Battlegrounds
Breaking Battlegrounds
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